Location/Field Recording Excerpts - Ongoing

As part of my regular listening practice I make location recordings, usually with minimal gear. These recordings may become part of larger projects. Excerpts are posted simultaneously to Radio Aporee and the Internet Archive. Radio Aporee is a global soundmap dedicated to field recording, phonography and the art of listening. it connects sound recordings to its places of origin, in order to create a sonic cartography, publicly accessible as a collaborative project.

My choice of recording locations include a mixture of the natural world (biophony/geophony), with human elements (anthropophony). As with all my sound projects, I am interested in the interaction of place, usage, and acoustic ecology; the daily rhythm of life, the ephemeral nature of live sound, and the passage of time.


Scotch Pond - Garry Point Park, Richmond BC.

2021-08-27 Richmond BC
Duration: 26:14

Garry Point Park is a popular park in Richmond BC where the Strait of Georgia (Salish Sea) meets the South Arm of the Fraser River. The area has a rich history that include diverse populations and activities.

As you will hear, it is also on the flight path of several airports: YVR, CZBB, and a Sea Plane Terminal. The South Arm of the Fraser also sees a lot of large commercial and recreational boating traffic.

I placed the mics on the south side of Scotch Pond about 2:00pm on a Friday, late August 2021. The sonic environment is dominated by the small birds and air traffic, as well as passerbys. One also hears other small birds, pidgeons, insects, and music. Most of the birds are in the bushes just north of the dock, as well as on the boats themselves. This area is a known bird habitat and migration route.

If you listen to the complete recording, you may notice:

  • as people pass by, the birds sometimes quiet down. They actually become silent at around the eighteen minute mark
  • the mix of languages spoken by the passersby.
  • the almost continuous air traffic
  • click on the red dot in the middle of the map to start the player

Six Views of the Capilano River


Recording Date: 2020-10-19
Release date: 2022-01-17

On a walk along the Capilano River in North Vancouver, BC I stopped at various locations to record its sound. The first location was atop the Cleveland Dam.

Vanier Park - Soundwalk December 2021 with Soundmap

vanier park map


Link to Soundmap

Excerpts from six locations recorded on December 28 2021 on a soundwalk beginning at 12:40 PT. The weather was clear and crisp, about -3C, the snow on the ground still relatively fresh.

Vancouver rarely receives large amounts of snow. About every eight-to-ten years we do get a substantial amount including over the 2021/2 Christmas break. The hockey games on the pond were a bit of a surprise to me.

Vanier Park is a popular inner city park with stellar views of the city, mountains, water, and sunsets. It is close to my home and I often walk its paths.

Sechelt Garbage Forest

  • fixed media,stereo audio, location/field recording
  • recording date: May 16 2021 13:00 PST
  • duration: 00:03:27 (a long version available for broadcast dur: 00:21:35)

The District Municipality of Sechelt (/ˈsiːʃɛlt/, Shishalh language chat'lich) is found on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, approximately 50 km northwest of Vancouver. The name Sechelt is derived from the Sechelt language word, shishalh, the name of the First Nations people who first settled the area thousands of years ago. (Wikipedia)

If one enters the forest directly across from the Sechelt Landfill there is an unofficial dumping ground full of garbage strewn pretty much everywhere. The garbage attracts ravens and eagles, as well as other birds, bears, and smaller animals.

My interest in location/field recording is the interaction of place, usage, and acoustic ecology. In this recording, we hear iconic North American birds, eagles and ravens (biophony) attracted to an area full of human refuse, garbage that didn't quite make it to a landfill only a stone's throw away. We hear the presence of humans (anthropophony) through occasional footsteps, machinery, and vehicles.

A twenty minute version was broadcast on 'as if radio..' a collaborative radio space created in response to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow from 31 October – 12 November, on Nov 07 2021.

Click on the red dot in the middle of the map to start the player

Reveil 2022, April 30-May 01 2022

Reveil tracks the sounds of sunrise from 5AM UTC+1 on the first of May, travelling West on live audio feeds from streamers on the Locus Sonus soundmap. It tunes to the sounds of weather, machines, migrating birds, air traffic - creating a collective soundwork lasting one earth day.

This will be my second year participating in Reveil. I will be streaming from a Vancouver BC location for the event. There will be many ways for listeners to follow the event. Visit the main organizers site at


The Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency - Vancouver BC - January 22 - March 5, 2021

A collaboration with artist in-residence Pippa Lattey. My activities focused on installing and maintaining a live audio soundscape from the Blue Cabin itself, streamed to the Locus Sonus Stream Project Map, as well as field and archival recordings of the immediate area and Cates Park, the original location of The Blue Cabin.

The Live Soundscape

An open microphone faces out over the water. Listeners hear the steady din of traffic from Quebec Avenue and the Cambie Bridge, the small ferry boats coming and going from the dock nearby, airplanes and helicoptors flying overhead, and the ongoing construction, as well as the birds and people who come through the area, and of course, rain. A second mic placed inside the cabin occassionally captures the sounds of Lattey's project, Al Neil's Piano.

Vancouver is one of the wettest Canadian cities. The weather at this time of year ranges from moderate temperatures with mostly overcast skies, to heavy rain and sometimes hail. Gulls, crows, and Canada geese are the dominant birds near the Blue Cabin. When the skies clear, the nearby seawall walking/cycling path fills with pedestrians, bikers, dog walkers and so on. Revellers may be heard from across the water on 'beer island.' Being a marine environment, kayakers, dragon boat racers and other small water crafters use False Creek as their playground and may paddle by to say hi. Although the area -judging by outward appearances- is affluent, many people living difficult lives also call this area home.

As with an earlier audio stream from a residential neighbourhood, this stream explores the intersection of place, usage, and acoustic ecology; the daily rhythm of life, the ephemeral nature of live sound, and the passage of time.

A localized environment such as False Creek, where the Blue Cabin is situated, will have a unique auditory signature. Classic literature describes a city soundscape as having keynote sounds, sound signals, and soundmarks (The Vancouver Soundscape 1973). Schafer and his colleagues applied these ideas to the city as a whole. Part of my interest is in how these ideas may be applied to a smaller localized area such as False Creek.

The audio from the Blue Cabin was streamed to the Locus Sonus Stream Project, a worldwide network of open microphones maintained by sound artists, musicians and other interested parties. Other artists are free to employ the streams in their own projects.

Quoting from Locusonus: "Using and/or participating in the stream project implies questioning ‘traditional’ listening and compositional practices where audio content is pre-determined. It raises questions regarding ‘real-time’ and ‘real-space’ as well as continuity and mobility that are reflected overall in the corpus of artistic creations."

Field Recordings

During the residency I made several field recordings in the immediate area and near Cates Park, North Vancouver. I made four short works from these recordings, premiered by The Blue Cabin along with Other Sights on May 06 2021 on Currents and Waves internet radio. These works are included in Currents and Waves Radio programming through 2023. Listeners can hear them and other programming related to The Blue Cabin every Thursday. Descriptions of these works are available at


Live Vancouver Soundscape December 2020 - ongoing

A live ambient soundscape broadcasts from a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. The soundscape is streamed through the Locus Sonus Stream Project Listeners may hear passing traffic, sirens, people, construction, rain; gulls and crows in the distance, chickadees and sparrows enjoying the nearby trees. A lucky listener may also catch the refrains of "Opera Man," a local character in the neighbourhood.

The broadcast is runs most mornings 4:30am-8:00am Pacific time, and on an ad hoc schedule. In addition to the open mic, pre-recorded or live mixes may be broadcast

The project explores the intersection of place, usage, and acoustic ecology; the daily rhythm of life, the ephemeral nature of live sound, and the passage of time.


  1. The stream is active when the audio player appears at the top of this page and reads Live Audio Stream
  2. Look for Vancouver on Locusonus Sound Map

Keynote Sounds - those that define the background sound profile of the neighbourhood

  • Traffic - the daily cycle of the din of traffic begins around 6:00 am PDT and abates around 11:00pm. The odd passing vehicle can be heard throughout the night. Traffic, as in most cities, is an almost constant part of this neighbourhood's sound profile.
  • Rain - Vancouver is in a temperate rain forest. The sound of rain during the fall through mid winter, and spring can last days at a time. It ranges in intensity from a gentle drizzle to severe storms. The sound of rain is reflected off of buildings and the pavement. The water on the roads amplifies the sound of traffic.

Sound Signals and Soundmarks

  • Sirens - situated near a fire hall and three major traffic arteries one hears lots of sirens.
  • Sounds of fire fighters testing gear and radio communication from the fire hall
  • Vehicle horns, alarms, truck back-up signals and related traffic sounds. On a weekend evening one can often hear expensive racing cars and motorbikes as well
  • Ocassional fireworks
  • Helicoptors and airplanes.
  • Construction - a major construction project is underway nearby
  • Sounds of people, voices of children, street people, pets as they pass by
  • Protest/political marches along Granville
  • Bicycles - the neighbourhood is on a major bike route, a favoured form of transportation by many Vancouverites.
  • Song birds - the several small trees and hedges found in front of the buildings host many small song birds - each of the different species following their own morning routine.
  • Gulls & Crows - the morning chorus is defined by gulls near False Creek, neighbourhood crows, and the rise in traffic.
  • Foghorns when the weather calls for it

Al Neil’s Piano - September 2020

A short audio documentary and composition featuring Pippa Lattey. Al Neil's piano was transported from the Blue Cabin's orginal location to Vancouver artist Pippa Lattey's studio. There she transformed it into a kinetic sculpture

Radio 3 - 2020

Radio-3 is from a series of short sketches made early in 2020 that explore granular synthesis techniques. The audio source is a recording of a shortwave radio broadcast on the 20 meter band, around 14.04 MHz, a frequency used by amateur radio operators who communicate with morse code.

Vimy Ridge 100 (2017) - Installation at the Parking Space Gallery, Vancouver BC

An electronic installation coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Battle at Vimy Ridge. An arduino plays a morse code message listing the burial places in France of Canadian Soldiers who lost their lives during WW1.
Information on the battle and its significance: Vimy Ridge Foundation

DTES Small Arts Grants:Vending Machine Gallery Promotional Video (2017)

Incidental music for a promotional video. Link

Banana Installation ISEA 2015/FUSE (Vancouver Art Gallery)

bananasAn intervention into a public space with large inflatable bananas. Created in collaboration with artist Pippa Lattey Project Description: A bunch of bananas randomly inflate, speak "Banana," and deflate.